Kathy Moncrief

So why Kathy-O, especially when my last name starts with an M? 

Well, my dad was a fighter pilot in the Air Force, and we traveled and moved A LOT. When I was little he missed lots of my birthdays, so he'd always send me a special card and bring me a gift from wherever he was at the time. He ALWAYS wrote a note and the note always started with "Kathy-O". Since his nickname (like "Maverick" and "Goose") was "Bob-O," it made me feel special. Even as an adult, if he wrote me a note, or signed a card, it always started with "Kathy-O", so it seemed to me the perfect way for me to identify my art.

I got my start the way most artists do...drawing Holly Hobby for my mom. By the time I reached middle school and knew what a "Graphic Artist" was, I knew that I wanted to be one. I worked for a variety of boutique agencies as a Designer and Art Director until my "soft retirement" to raise my three kids.

I've ALWAYS created art, and now that my time is completely my own, I'm doing what I love most. Illustration. Iā€™m crazy about watercolor, pen and ink and colored pencil, and am now working almost entirely on my iPad Pro using Procreate. I love how I can sketch and make changes without wasting resources and especially PAPER. Also, I can take it anywhere, without lugging paints and pads and brushes!

I love the beach and the desert, Mexican folk art, boho style, and kids, and my work is likely to fall into one of those five categories, or a mix.

I hope you like it.


Looking for the right fit.